Stripping of Coating from Steel Casting for the Agriculture Industry

A nationally-recognized company in the agriculture industry asked Adams Industries to make improvements to a large number of machine parts, which were suffering from poor coating adhesions. Following customer-specified CAD drawings, we began the process of stripping each hardened steel part using our highly-efficient proprietary stripping process. The parts were subjected to Rockwell testing to ensure they met all customer specifications. We delivered the 10,000 newly-stripped parts over the course of three weeks, with daily deliveries.

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Stripping of Coating from Steel Casting for the Agriculture Industry Specifications

Product Description

Our client was having an issue with bad coating adhesion on their parts so they employed us to fix this issue.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Proprietary Stripping Process Ensured we Would be able to meet the OEM’s Deadline
  • OEM’s Engineers Came to our Facility to Approve our Proprietary Stripping Process
Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 24 Inch
O.D.: Ø3.5 Inch

Part Weight

22 lbs

Part Material

Hardened Steel

Material Finish


In process testing/inspection performed

Rockwell Testing to Meet Customers Specifications

Industry for Use




Delivery Time

Daily Deliveries for 3 Weeks

Project scope

Nation Wide

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Agricultural Casting